Upcoming Events

WoTL Communication in Family Business (24 June 2024)

Managing effective communication when family and business intersect. For more information and registration details head to https://wotl.com.au/project/communication-in-family-business-cleve-24-june-2024/

GRDC Grains Research Update Lock (July 23 2024)

Lock Football Club North Terrace, Lock, SA, Australia

Register here for the Lock Grains Research Update https://grdc.com.au/events/list/2024/07/grdc-grains-research-update-lock


WeedSmart Week Port Lincoln (29-30 July 2024)

Port Lincoln

WeedSmart Week brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience from local and interstate growers, agronomists, and technology experts - putting the spotlight on herbicide resistance and weed control. WeedSmart…