Project List

A list of AIR EP's current projects at 1 May 2022

Crown rot managementSAGITJune 2024
Young farmer network mappingFuture Drought Fund via FRRRAugust 2022
Knowledge sharingSoils CRCNov 2023
Frost tacticsGRDCJune 2025
Soil borne pathogensGRDCJune 2023
Sustainable Ag ProgramSoils CRCMarch 2023
Calcareous soilsSoils CRCMarch 2023
Taking canola profitability to the next levelSAGITAugust 2023
Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator (RALF)Aust Govt NLP2June 2023
Resilient EPAust Govt NLP2March 2023
EP internship in applied grains researchSAGITJanuary 2023
Delivery of dryland legume pasture systems (DLPS) demo sites on Lower EPRural R&D for Profit/ GRDC/MLA/AWIJune 2022
Herbicide residues in soilSoils CRCApril 2022
Delivery of dryland legume pasture systems (DLPS) demo sites on Upper EPRural R&D for Profit/GRDC/MLA/AWIMarch 2022
Cover cropping - lower EPAust Govt NLP2March 2022
Cover cropping - upper EPAust Govt NLP2February 2022
Barley grass management strategiesGRDCJanuary 2022
Deep rippingAust Govt NLP2October 2021
Adapting cropping systems to changing climatic conditions to reduce inputs and maximise water use through improving crop competitivenessAust Govt NLP2September 2021
Perennial PasturesAust Govt NLP2Sept 2021
Increasing production on sandy soils in low and medium rainfall areas of the Southern RegionGRDCJune 2021
Surveying Farm PracticesSoils CRCJune 2021
Soil & plant testingGRDCMay 2021
Understanding adoptionSoils CRCApril 2021
Southern Pulse Extension - Pulse Check Groups on EPGRDCMarch 2021
Copper management for the futureSAGITJune 2020
Building farmer innovation capabilitySoils CRCJune 2020