AIR EP A professional, farmer owned organisation that leads RD&E of agricultural technologies and innovations for farmers on the Eyre Peninsula


AIR EP is responsive and relevant to our farmer and industry members, ensuring that farmers, agribusiness and the scientific community are an integral part of the planning and delivery of independent RD&E across the Eyre Peninsula, SA.

  • We exist to: deliver quality applied research for the benefit of farmers on the Eyre Peninsula
  • We exist to: build capacity of the agricultural sector through education, training and extension

Featured Project


GRDC National Risk Management Initiative

One of the largest initiatives undertaken by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is being rolled out on the Eyre Peninsula by AIR EP.

RiskWi$e aims to give farmers and their advisors tools to measure and evaluate potential risks and provide assurance in their decision making. The Eyre Peninsula farming community is a diverse landscape, with majority of farmers dealing with
uncertain weather patterns and markets. The project will engage a working group, comprising of advisors and growers, to review, advise and disseminate information generated. Six location discussion groups will be convened by local farmers across the region, to plan, test, observe and reflect on key questions raised.

This project follows on from the key work done in this area by the Resilient EP Project.

Resilient EP Blog

Project Outcomes

The Resilient EP project aimed to bring together on-farm technology to enhance decision making, profitability and reduce risk. Stored moisture, yield potential and risk were 3 main focal points of the project.

Resilient EP finished up in March 2023, and a plethora of outcomes and achievements occurred over the life of the project, invaluable data for Eyre Peninsula growers to utilise in optimising moisture and yield potential. Head to our project page for summary reports, project videos and farmer case studies.

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