AIR EP is responsive and relevant to our farmer and industry members, ensuring that farmers, agribusiness and the scientific community are an integral part of the planning and delivery of independent RD&E across the Eyre Peninsula, SA.

  • We exist to: deliver quality applied research for the benefit of farmers on the Eyre Peninsula
  • We exist to: build capacity of the agricultural sector through education, training and extension

Featured Project

Resilient EP

For a profitable farming future

The EP soil moisture probe network and other technologies will be used to assist farmers make efficient use of limited soil water. A Regional Innovators group of farmers and advisers will engage researchers and link with the region’s farmers to develop techniques to integrate information generated from the probe network as well as satellite imagery, climate and yield models, in a user friendly format to help make more profitable decisions.

Resilient EP Blog

Seasonal climate forecasts - are we paying attention?

An initial observation is that seasonal climate forecasts are not as widely used on EP as elsewhere, or at least farmers don’t place much weight on them.  As will be discussed in this report, farmers and agronomists were very critical of the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts for a wet winter and early spring in September 2020. The level of critique suggests that more attention might be paid to forecasts than people are prepared to acknowledge.

Managing crown rot on upper EP – a joint learning experience

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Knowledge-Sharing for Good Soil Stewardship

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Managing Mallee Seeps workshop @ Rudall

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