2022 EP Frost Project Results

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Read about the 2022 results for the Frost Tactics Project, with trials at Tooligie Hill.

Key project takeaways so far:

  • In high risk areas (that consistently get frosted) growing wheat varieties with early, medium or late flowering time won’t escape frost damage.
  • Barley yield consistently appears less damaged by frost in high risk areas.
  • There is no magic solution to controlling frost. Applying nutrients, where deficient will aid crop growth, but having levels above thresholds won’t reduce damage from frost.
  • The role that ice nucleating bacteria has on frost severity and how it can be manipulated is not well understood and requires further research.
  • Soil amelioration appears to reduce frost damage by improving in-canopy temperatures during frost events,  but the mechanisms driving this aren’t yet understood.

This project is continuing in 2023, come hear more about it all at the Pulse + Frost Field day coming up on September 21.

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