Bust Buffel grass – early detection is key

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We’re doing a good job keeping Buffel grass out of Eyre Peninsula but we need to remain vigilant. The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board is asking for the community to help with the early identification of any new infestations.

Buffel grass is an introduced, summer growing perennial pasture grass (growing 0.2-1.5 m high). It’s highly invasive to natural ecosystems – out-competing native species and increasing fire risk, as well as changing fire intensity – and impacting on infrastructure.

It’s easy to identify at this time of year (bright green when everything else has browned off) and has distinctive purple seed heads.

Eyre Peninsula is an eradication zone so be on the lookout for Buffel grass on roadsides, industrial areas and anywhere vehicles park up.

To report contact the EP Landscape Board on 8688 3200 or find your nearest office https://bit.ly/3eUBi0G.

See the Board’s factsheet to find out more about Buffel grass – https://bit.ly/3ISGYZ3.

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