Calling all canola growers! Expressions of interest to host canola pollination research

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Dr Kit Prendergast, pollination and bee scientist, is seeking canola growers to allow her to conduct research on canola pollination at your fields in the 2024 & 2025 growing season. This exciting project she is undertaking as a post-doc at University of Southern QLD, funded by GRDC, will reveal what pollinating insects are visiting your crops, how the surrounding landscape influences this, and how they contribute to your crop’s yield.

She is seeking a pool of canola growers with open and/or hybrid varieties. The research team will be visiting eight sites in 2024 and 2025. Half of these are required to be surrounded by a fair amount of native woody vegetation in the landscape, and half with minimal vegetation. Each site will be at least 3 km apart. The researchers will be visiting during the early, mid and late stages of canola flowering conducting pollinator surveys along transects, as well as before and after to set up and take down the pollination exclusion cages.

Kit will share her findings with you, allowing you to discover what pollinators are present in your landscape, allowing a fruitful exchange of knowledge.

If you would be interested in hosting this important research please contact Dr Kit at


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