Crown Rot update January 2024

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This project, Managing crown rot on upper EP – a joint learning experience (AEP-1022-R) is funded by SAGIT.  

A January update is now available, following the final year of the project in 2023.


This two-year project is funded by SAGIT and was in its final field season in 2023. Treatment effects were assessed using natural paddock inoculum (no artificial inoculation). Trial sites at Buckleboo (Buckleboo Farm Information Group) and Mitchellville (Franklin Harbor Agricultural Bureau) had medium to high risk levels for crown rot in 2022 and 2023.  

Seasonal conditions in 2023 were more conducive to crown rot expression than in 2022, with basal stem browning obvious at both sites and some white head expression occurring. Yields in 2023 were in the normal range for bread wheat e.g. average Scepter yields: Buckleboo – 1.56 t/ha; Mitchellville – 1.60 t/ha. Mouse damage occurred at Buckleboo prior to baiting. 


Read the full article on the AIR EP Crown Rot project page.

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