EPARF Member Day 2007

EPARF Member Day 2007

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The ‘EP Cereal Disease’ event held at the Minnipa Agricultural Centre focused on disease identification and was well attended by members and industry supporters.

Neil Cordon, SARDI extension agronomist set the scene for the day pointing out that the aim of the day was to improve skills and confidence in identification of crop diseases and to increase awareness of management requirements to lessen the impact of diseases in farming systems.

Prof Robert Park, University of Sydney gave an overview on wheat rusts in the farming system; symptoms, damage and cost associated; the green bridge; and control options.

Group presentations on various diseases:

  • Hugh Wallwork, SARDI and Mick Broad, agronomist Cummins delivered messages on cereal leaf diseases, their survival, conditions, resistance and management;Neil Cordon CCN issues, crop symptoms and management;
  • Alan McKay, SARDI and Rob Griffith, Bayer Crop Science take-all symptoms, impact and management options;
  • Gupta Vadakattu, CSIRO Adelaide and Andy Bates, local agronomist focused on rhizoctonia control strategies;
  • Marg Evans, SARDI and Mark Habner, local agronomist addressed crown rot; and
  • Viv Vanstone, Department of Agriculture and Food WA and Brenton Lynch, EP consultant looked at root lesion nematode, pratylenchus.

Mark Slatters, Nufarm presented technical aspects of foliar fungicide applications, followed by Hugh Wallwork giving a brief overview of cereal smuts.

Andy Barr finished the day with light at the end of the tunnel messages.

A very informative day had by all members.

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