EPARF Member Days

EPARF Member Days

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EPARF hosts an annual member day which is normally held at the Minnipa Agricultural Centre. Each year a core subject is selected to improve grower and industry understanding of a component of their agricultural system. This event provides the forum for important research messages from leading researchers direct to the grower.

Past EPARF member days:

2017/18 Pulse Management for low rainfall farming systems

2016 Sandy Soils - getting the most out of your sands

2015 Innovation and Technology

2014 Putting the Lid on Herbicide Resistance

2013 Managing Nitrogen in EP Farming Systems

2012 $pray Technology

2011 Choices for Mixed Farming-Best Bets

2010 Cereal Growth Stages

2009 Flexible Farming-Building in Resistance

2007 Cereal Disease

2006 Grain and Graze

2005 Breeding Better Varieties

2004 Sowing Systems

2003 Crop Nutrition

2002 Herbicide Diagnostics

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