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Boost sheep enterprise resilience and performance

Have you considered containment feeding your sheep?

Do you containment feed sheep at certain times but want to do it better?

Do you want to know more about why, when and where you should containment feed?

Then you can benefit from taking part in the new Containment Feeding Program!

What is this project?

The inclusion of containment feeding in livestock enterprises can lead to improved productivity, improved reproductive performance, enhanced landscape and pasture management, greater drought resilience and increases in profitability.

A new project has been developed focused on supporting sheep producers to implement best practice containment feeding, suited to their individual farming systems. Expressions of interest are now open to participate in a pilot program where you will join a small group of like-minded sheep producers, paired with a trained advisor. The advisor will then work one-on-one with each of the producers in the group to support the decision-making, planning, design and implementation of a containment feeding setup best suited to the farmer, sheep enterprise and farming environment.

When is it happening?

Expressions of interest are now open through your local farming systems group, with the program to kick off in early February 2024, depending on seasonal and regional needs. The advisor will work with the group for approximately 6 months.

What is expected of producers?

Producers in the pilot program are expected to participate in a 1-day workshop, which will be a small group of sheep producers. Each participant will then have the opportunity to work one-on-one with an advisor to work through the decision-making processes, planning, design, and implementation specific to their farm and needs. Ideally, the producer group will meet again later to see what worked well (and what didn’t!)

Cost – Participation for SA sheep producers is free, but places are limited so register your interest quickly!

Register your interest:


Amy Wright 0467 004 555


For general project info:

Penny Schulz

Livestock Adoption Officer, SA Drought Hub

M: 0417 853 094   E:




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