Funding opportunity: FRRR Community Impacts Grants

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The Helping Regional Communities Prepare for Drought Program provides funding for not for profits in the Eyre Peninsula to help communities prepare and respond to drought. It is delivered by FRRR under the Future Drought Fund. AIR EP is the region’s delivery partner.

We want to help not for profits in your community access this funding so we are better placed to prepare for and respond to drought.

The Helping Regional Communities Prepare for Drought Program is designed to support a wide range of locally relevant initiatives that will result in the following outcomes:

  • Communities identify and adopt innovative and transformative ways to build drought resilience;
  • A change in awareness of and attitudes to drought preparedness at the community level;
  • Communities learn and share innovative ways to build drought resilience;
  • An increase in the reach and activities of community leaders, mentors, networks, and organisations driving action on drought resilience;
  • Improved access to and greater utilisation of community infrastructure;
  • Communities build their local leadership, networks, and social support; and
  • Community leaders, networks and organisations have stronger capability to undertake strategic drought resilience planning.

To help not for profits access this funding we have provided the following resources:

  1. Information Session recording
  2. Community Impact Grant Guidelines – CIP Guidelines (

Please share the information with community organisations and leaders who you think can contribute or submit a project. We have between $200K and $500K for the Eyre Peninsula.

This is a tight timeframe and our next session working with interested project leads will be held virtually on Wednesday 16th August. To access funding, a member of the community group must attend.

Councils can also work with local community groups to access this funding.

If you would like to attend please email for the meeting link.

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