Gazania Survey – Changing ecology and biology of weeds due to climate and soil factors

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In this GRDC funded project, our research team aims to understand how changes in climate and soil factors are affecting the biology and ecology of weed species affecting Australian grains. We would like to invite you to be involved as your input will help this research project to understand more about the most difficult weeds are to manage, alterations in weed’s biology and ecology due to changes in climatic and soil factors and learn about new weed infestations.

The questionnaire takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Complete the survey here

Please read the Participant Information Statement and Consent Form as it contains important information and details about this research. Consent will be assumed upon start of this survey.

This research received approval from La Trobe University’s Human Research Ethics Committee (Reference number: HEC24117).

For further information about the survey, please contact Dr. Ali Bajwa.

Dr. Ali Bajwa
La Trobe University
T: 0431 194 862

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