Grains climate outlook 15 December 2023

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Please find the latest December climate outlooks for the grains industry below:

  • Grains video update for QLD/NSW
  • Grains video update for SA/VIC/TAS
  • Grains video update for WA

The key outlook messages are:

  • For the rest of December, above median rainfall is forecast through south-east Qld, northern and eastern NSW, eastern Vic, and Tasmania. In other areas, near median to below median rainfall is forecast, depending on the development of thunderstorms
  • For January 2024, above median rainfall is forecast for areas of NSW south of Tamworth, grading to near-median north of Tamworth and into Qld. For all other grain-growing areas, near-median to below median rainfall is forecast
  • Towards May 2024, near-median to below median rainfall is forecast for all grain-growing areas, noting that January to March is the peak time for tropical systems, which can move over land and completely change the rainfall outcome in some areas
  • Despite the near-median forecast in some areas, there is still the possibility of rainfall in the lowest and highest deciles, due to the distribution of rainfall probabilities
  • Above median temperatures are forecast for all areas in coming months, with an increased risk of extreme temperatures leading to elevated fire dangers

Any feedback on the content and format is encouraged as this will help tailor future advisories to ensure they are best suited to the needs of grain growers and advisors. To provide feedback please click the link here or emailĀ

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