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Are you connected to your soil? –Please help us find out.

Over 225 responses to date and farmers found it valuable.

Unlike most surveys this evaluation provides your results at the end and links to key resources. University of Sydney only receives anonymised data, you receive a personal report – clever hey!

Step 2 – complete the evaluation – it takes 15 to 30 minutes but you can refresh or reopen the link and your data will remain (depending on your devices cache settings).

Step 3 – save your report by taking a screen shot of your report

Step 4 – review the resources relevant to your needs.

Global research has identified five indicators against which soil security can be assessed:

1.       Productive capacity,

2.       Physical, chemical and biological condition

3.       Financial and cultural values

4.       Regulation and policy

5.       Human connectivity

The only problem is we don’t have a good way to measure Human connectivity – your connectivity to your soil.

Access the evaluation via this link – or the QR code


If you are farming in a whiteyellow or orange area of the map we really need your help. 

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