Long coleoptile wheat results on Eyre Peninsula in 2022

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As part of the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund project “Robust ground cover to enable resilient low rainfall mixed farms”, long coleoptile wheat trials have been run on the Eyre Peninsula for the second year running. Researcher Rhaquelle Meiklejohn and Senior Research Agronomist Andrew Ware, of EPAG Research present the results of the 2022 trial sites. Read about it in the 2022 Eyre Peninsula Farming Systems article below.¬†

2022 EPFS Article  Long Coleoptile Wheats on Eyre Peninsula in 2022

For those wanting to catch up on all the latest research coming from Eyre Peninsula and related environments, check out the full SARDI Minnipa Ag Centre Eyre Peninsula Farming Systems Summary 2022 publication on the SARDI website.

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