Mallee seeps survey for EP farmers – closing soon

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If you are a farmer on Eyre Peninsula, and you have (or suspect you have) any Mallee seeps on your property, can you please complete the survey? Thanks very much to those that have completed the survey!!

It takes an average of 7 minutes to complete and is mostly tick box responses.

This information is being compared to a survey conducted by the EP Landscapes Board in 2018/2019, to:

  • see if the extent of Mallee seeps has increased (which we suspect it has)
  • whether people feel they have the right information to manage these areas
  • what further research, development and extension is required to manage Mallee seeps on Eyre Peninsula.

We’d really appreciate you completing this survey!!


What’s a Mallee seep?

A Mallee seep is an area affected by a localised perched water table that brings water and salt to the surface soil layers that can result in surface ponding and bare saline scalding over time.

Mallee seeps generally begin when too much fresh water is present in the soil. The soil saturation leads to salinisation and land degradation if no management actions are taken.

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