Mice impact feedback sought

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Invitation to participate in the research project titled “Learning how to learn about gene drives for pest management”

The University of Adelaide, in collaboration with the South Australian Department of Environment and Water, is seeking participants for a research project that investigates how mice impact members of the Australian community and how people in Australia currently manage mice. We also explore people’s attitudes towards pest management, including the potential future use of genetic biocontrols to manage mice populations. The research includes interviews and workshops with a wide range of people in Australia, as well as a nationally representative survey to gauge community attitudes on this topic. The aims of these interviews are to inform decision-making about pest management and inform how scientists develop pest management strategies.

We would like to invite anyone who is 18 years or older to participate in an interview online or by telephone, or in person with a member of our research team. The interview will last between 60 and 90 minutes. If you prefer, we can also try to organise a group interview together with other members of your community. You will be offered a $100 gift card to thank you for your participation.

To schedule a time for an interview or to request further information about the research, please contact Rebecca Paxton at rebecca.paxton@adelaide.edu.au or by phone on 0479141755. You can also express an interest in participating in an interview by following this link and leaving your contact details.

Participation in this research is entirely voluntary and confidential.

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