National farming risk program rolled out on Eyre Peninsula

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Experts and advisors: Local experts and advisors who have been engaged to review, advise and disseminate information generated by the RiskWi$e program. 

Lower EP focus group: In the field with a Lower Eyre Peninsula focus group, including of George Pedler, Ed Hunt, Billy Pedler, Daniel Puckridge, Thomas Andrew.


Eyre Peninsula farmers have been encouraged to get involved with the new five-year $30 million national investment program to help grain growers better manage risks such as drought and market volatility.

The program, National Risk Management Initiative (known as RiskWi$e), is one of the largest grower-facing initiatives undertaken by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC).

It will be rolled out on the Eyre Peninsula by AIR EP, with $1,823,000 allocated to the region.

AIR EP Executive Officer Naomi Scholz says RiskWi$e aims to give farmers and their advisors tools to measure and evaluate potential risks and provide assurance in their decision making.

“The Eyre Peninsula farming community is a diverse landscape, with a majority of farmers dealing with uncertain weather patterns and markets. If we can engage and assist growers with decision-making challenges, it will increase production and ongoing profitability,” Ms Scholz said.

The project will engage a working group, comprising of advisors and growers, to review, advise and disseminate information generated. Six location discussion groups will be convened by local farmers across the region, to plan, test, observe and reflect on key questions raised.

The project will explore risk management strategies across two themes, including nitrogen management and enterprise and agronomic risks in future farming systems.

Existing focus sites at Cootra, Minnipa, Port Kenny, Lock, Cockaleechie and Cleve, will provide the ideal platform for this project to build on.

“It is anticipated that within five years, 80% of EP growers can articulate their production management decisions couched in terms of probability of upside returns offset against the associated downside risks,” Ms Scholz said.

Much of the project will be delivered by EPAG Research, with focus groups facilitated by Jake Giles. Farmers keen to get involved through local discussion groups can contact Jake on 0431 110 018.

The project is funded by the GRDC, with an extra $200,000 committed from SA Drought Hub.

For more information on the RiskWi$e project, visit the AIR EP website

EP Action Research Group – to provide oversight and provide a link to the Lead Project Team:

  • Bill Long (AIR EP Chair)
  • Andrew Ware, EPAG Research
  • Mark Stanley, AIR EP
  • Rachel May, SA Drought Hub
  • Naomi Scholz, AIR EP
  • Amanda Cook, SARDI
  • Symon Allen, BFIG

Experts to be engaged:

  • Dr Peter Hayman, SARDI Principal Scientist in Climate Applications
  • Barry Mudge, Mudge Consultancy Services – risk and farm business management
  • Ed Hunt, Ed Hunt Agricultural Consultancy
  • Josh Hollitt, Hollitt Consulting
  • Andrew Ware, EPAG Research
  • Jake Giles, EPAG Research
  • Andy Bates, Bates Ag Consulting
  • George Pedler, George Pedler Ag
  • Murray Unkovich, University of Adelaide.
  • Therese McBeath, CSIRO
  • James Cant, BFIG
  • Others as required

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