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Drover Ag have two AgVenture participants ready for placement.

Marte Kristine arriving in October from Norway and Petta arriving November from Sweden.  Both have good English, experience in agriculture and are keen to secure employment in Australia.

For more details contact Bec at Drover Ag on 0455 215 976.

Marte Kristine S.

Age:  20
Looking for: 5 months work
Arriving in Aus:  October 2023
Sector:  Mixed Livestock
Ideal Location:  No preference
English level:  Very Good
Home Country:  Norway
Looking for experience in large scale sheep and cattle production to complement her experience in barn-raised livestock production systems.

Experienced with livestock handling and husbandry including calving, lambing, vaccinating, calf rearing, moving stock both within sheds and in paddocks and has been involved in shearing and tractor work. Some welding, fencing and mechanical experience.
Marte is an outgoing social person who is happy to work autonomously or as part of a team, she is looking to learn as much as possible before commencing higher education when she returns to Norway. Proficient in English, and conversing easily, employers will gain an enthusiastic employee with a good base of skills, who is willing to take on any challenge and learn as much as possible whilst bringing positivity to the workplace.


Petter J.

Age:  23
Looking for: 6 months work
Arriving in Aus:  Early November
Sector:  Beef Cattle
Ideal Location:  No preference
English level:  Excellent
Home Country:  Sweden

From a family farm raising sheep, and pigs for their butcher shop. Graduated from an Agricultural High School, and currently studying Agriculture.  Worked on a 1,000 Ha cropping operation before managing family farm and butcher shop for 12 months. More recently worked as Overseer at an Organic Dairy farm where he was responsible for the fodder cropping production.

Familiar and competent in most tasks associated with livestock, particularly cattle, in Sweden and is keen to expand on these whilst in Australia. Confident stick welder, some mechanical experience.
Competent operating large tractors, loaders, and some diggers and has spent approximately 300- 400 hours in harvesters making him a valuable asset to any employer.
Petter is very fluent in English. He is an outgoing personality with a calm demeanour and is enthusiastic to learn different methods of raising cattle in Australia.



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