Seeking sheep producers for research trial – last call

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Our team of researchers from the Davies Livestock Research Centre, University of Adelaide aims to improve the reproductive efficiency of the Australian Sheep industry. The focus of our current research is to increase ewe and ram fertility and fecundity, by reducing the impacts of heat stress. To achieve this, we are developing a series of management tools that can be used across producer systems to increase reproductive efficiency, optimise animal health and recovery prior to and throughout gestation, and provide an option to combat the negative effects of heat stress.

As part of an SA Drought Hub project, we propose the use of a vitamin drench or a melatonin implant as these are easily implemented within production systems and have proven ability to mitigate heat stress and improve embryo viability. Alongside of this, we seek to develop climate warning systems that can predict the climatic conditions that are likely to impair ewes and ram fertility and fecundity. This will enable producers to use these supplements only when necessary to improve reproductive outcomes. We are looking for producers with a minimum of 200 ewes, who can either individually identify animals, or to manage groups to keep treated and untreated animals separately. We would need to gather weight and/or BCS data before and after joining.

Specifically, an implant of regulin plus a nutrient drench approximately 30 days before joining (although could be just prior to joining, at a time that suits the farmer) in either ewes or rams, with pregnancy scanning (preferably multiples) to be carried out at the appropriate time. We are looking for people that are joining this summer.

If you are interested contact Hannah Griffiths, 0458403390 or

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