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Dear Farmers

My name is Dr Nathan Robinson, and I am a researcher at Federation University Australia. Together with Assoc Prof Peter Dahlhaus, Dr Alison Ollerenshaw, Dr Aakansha Chadha, and Jennifer Corbett we are conducting research entitled: Matching soil performance indicators to farming systems.

Through this research we want to better understand the ways in which farmers make decision about soil indicators to inform and support their farming practices. This research has been funded by the Cooperative Centre for High Performance Soils (Soil CRC). An overview of the research is outlined in the following YouTube video given by the principal researcher Dr Nathan Robinson. To view this video visit:

AIR EP has offered to circulate this survey invitation on behalf of the researchers.

We are collecting data for this research using an online survey. Surveys take approximately 10 minutes to complete. To commence the survey, please follow this link: insert link to survey:

Information about the research is included in the Plain Language Information Statement (PLIS), attached, and from the homepage for the survey:

This research has received approval from Federation University’s Human Research Ethics Committee (Project number: 2022-213).

We hope that you will participate in this research and please feel free to forward this invitation to others who may also be interested in participating in this research.

For further information about this research, please email me.

Kind regards

Dr Nathan Robinson

Senior Research Fellow, Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation, Federation University


T: 03 5327 8436

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