Next week: EP Regen Ag Forum on 15 June at Cleve

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AIR EP along with the EP Landscape Board are hosting the Eyre Peninsula Regenerative Agriculture Forum on Thursday 15 June at Cleve. It’s an opportunity to hear and share from a variety of EP farmers around the different practices they are using. Attendees will also have the opportunity to hear from some of the landowners that have been involved in the EPLB small grants project over the last 5 years about some of their learnings in soil health, soil carbon and sustainable agriculture.

Our guest speakers include Dr Michael Nash, an applied invertebrate ecologist. He will introduce key functional groups and what they can indicate is happening in your farm ecosystem. Dr Craig Liddicoat, a research fellow at Flinders University, will give us insight into how different microbes interact and live in soils, and what they can tell us about soil health and function.

We will round the day off with an interactive Q & A session. All are welcome to come, but it will be farmer focused day.

To register for the event click here . Enquiries to Josh Telfer

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