Vision for farming on EP – extra time

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Vision 2050 Survey – Farming on the Eyre Peninsula over the next 30 years.

AIR EP, SARDI and Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board are working together to develop a shared vision for innovative farming over the next 30 years on Eyre Peninsula. This needs to consider both the opportunity and challenges that agriculture will face in our region. As a key stakeholder in our industry, your input and thoughts are important.

The Vision for EP 2050 will assist in developing the research, development and extension priorities to be pursued by the key organisations involved. The co-designed vision will lead to a strong collaborative effort by these organisations to deliver RD&E together for a profitable and sustainable farming future on Eyre Peninsula.

To assist in the process of developing the vision we ask you to please contribute a small amount of your time to complete the survey in the link below.

The survey closes 5pm Monday 4 September 2023.

Here is the survey link – Vision 2050 for farming on the EP Survey.

Thank you for helping us shape a shared, compelling Vision for the future of agriculture on the Eyre Peninsula!


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