RD&E Committee Nominations

Role of AIR EP Low and Medium Rainfall RD&E Committees

NOMINATIONS for 2021 are now closed.

The Low Rainfall RD&E Committee and the Medium Rainfall RD&E Committee may each consist of up to twelve (12) members and must conform to any requirements imposed by the AIR EP Board and any By-laws and protocols that relate to such Committees but may otherwise determine its own procedures and structure.

Membership will be geographically based, representing the low and medium rainfall areas of the Eyre Peninsula. The committees may be made up of farmers, advisors, researchers and other industry stakeholders.

The committee will:

  • Develop priorities for RD&E and submit to the Board for progressing;
  • Keep track of local projects and provide feedback on progress;
  • Assist in the operations where appropriate;
  • Assist with planning of local field days and forums;
  • Communicate with local members; and
  • Be advocates / spokespersons for the organization.


  • The committee will meet quarterly or as deemed necessary.
  • The committee will appoint a grower chairperson at the first meeting of each year.
  • The committee will be provided executive support by the Board.

Membership of the committee:

  • The committee will have up to 12 members (minimum 50% growers) who will be appointed annually by the committee with approval from the Board;
  • Committee members can re-nominate for membership annually;
  • The committee will nominate a Board member and a proxy; and
  • Quorum is 50% of committee membership.

Committee members are voluntary positions and will not be paid sitting fees. Travel and other expenses incurred to attend official meetings will be reimbursed upon request.

It is anticipated that the Committees will meet at least 3 times per year, pre-sowing (March), in-season (June-July) and pre- or post-harvest, depending on the season.

Nominations are now open, please complete the form below and submit by Friday 12 March 2021.

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