LEADA Expo 2017

LEADA Expo 2017

Held on 9th March 2017

  • 7.30 am Registration and Breakfast

  • 8:30 am Welcome

    Bruce Morgan, Chair, LEADA

  • 8:35 am Andrew Ware (SARDI) – Lower Eyre Peninsula Trial Updates

  • 9.00 am Mark Modra (GRDC) – GRDC Update – directions and changes

  • 9.10 am Keynote Speaker

    Rick Bieber, (No Till Farmer South Dakota USA) – Improvements to soil health through cover cropping and integrated livestock management to improve farm profits

  • 10.05 am John Richardson, (LEADA) – Stubble Management Project survey

  • 10.15 am Morning Break

  • 10.45 am Keynote Speaker

    Mark Branson, (Owner Manager, Branson Farms, Stockport SA) – Precision Farming practices – the use of digital technology

  • 11.40am George Pedler (George Pedler Ag) – Canola : Direct Heading

  • 12.00 noon Michael Nash (SARDI) – Russian Wheat Aphid and Snails Update

  • 12.30pm Brett Masters / Andrew Harding (PIRSA) – Soil Acidity Update

  • 1.00pm Rosemary Bartle, (Rabobank) – Succession Planning

  • 1.20pm Bruce Morgan, (LEADA)

    Wrap up and thanks
    LEADA Committee

  • 1.30pm Lunch and static displays

  • Lunch time displays

    DEWNR – fox management, rabbit control and invasive perennial grasses.
    PIRSA – pH machine on display with Andrew Harding available for discussion at 2.00pm

  • Afternoon Field Trip

    Cover Crops with Rick Bieber – Bruce Morgan’s Property

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