LEADA Spring Walk 2017

LEADA Spring Walk 2017

Held on 8th September 2017

  • 10.30am Meet at the: Cummins Oval Meet and arrange bus travel

  • 11.10am Andrew Green – Wanilla

    Liz Farquharson, SARDI Profitable Beans on highly acidic off-type soils.
    Exploring new acid tolerant inoculants and how they can give us access to profitable legumes on soils down to a pH of 4.

  • 12.30pm LUNCH – Yallunda Flat Showgrounds

  • 1.45pm Jamie Phillis – Ungarra

    Dr Sam Kleemann, University of Adelaide
    Efficiency of pre-emergent herbicides in dry sown cereals

    Jake Giles, SARDI
    High density seeding rates to maximise yields in late breaks

  • 3.15pm Ian Proctor – Yeelanna

    Dr Sam Kleemann, University of Adelaide
    New pre-emergent herbicides for ryegrass & broadleaf control in canola

  • 4.20pm Mark Modra – Yeelanna

    Andrew Ware, SARDI
    Canola Agronomy Trials: time of seeding comparisons; Nitrogen; late sown varieties trial

  • 4.15pm Finish – Cummins Oval

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