A chat with Dr Kate Burke and coming events

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On Monday Dr Kate Burke, Think Agri joined Paige Cross, Mallee Sustainable Farming on a Facebook live to have a chat around dealing with difficult times and moving forward from a challenging season that many have experienced across southern Australia. Kate focuses on controllable factors and implementing strategies in both professional and personal contexts as a reminder that we all have the capability to weather the hard times.  It was great to hear some practical tips around planning for next year and beyond and just how simple it can be. Kate refers to the fundamental 4 components that make a whole being Crops, People, Money and You, these fundamentals give a great framework to help you move forward and prepare for the next challenging season.
You can watch the recording here https://bit.ly/3u3gVcM or jump on our facebook page.
This was the start of a series of lives hosted by Mallee Sustainable Farming during November.
Join us on Monday 13th November at 1pm SA/1:30pm VIC time for a live conversation with COtL Mesonet director Damon Grace. This will be an interactive event and questions can be pre-submitted (refer below). The live will be streamed across both MSF and AIR EP social media and the recording will be available for those that can’t make it.

Damon is the co-founder and ‘Chief Doer’ at the COtL Mesonet, an innovative AgTech start-up which establishes and manages high-quality public weather station networks in agricultural regions. These weather station networks – also known as ‘Mesonets’ – provide reliable data in real-time for a range of metrics including temperature, rainfall, frost, fire danger and spray drift hazard alerts.

Damon will discuss the information that can potentially be sourced from the weather stations to help make informed decisions. This information can be both in real time, but also used for reflection, something that can be very helpful when reviewing the impact of cold and frosty conditions with not only minimum temperature recorded, but the duration.

This event is designed for farmers and service providers. Mallee Sustainable Farming are hosting this Facebook live as a part of the GRDC Better Frost Decisions project which AIR EP is a project partner. To join the Better Frost Decisions Facebook group follow this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/betterfrostdecisions.
For more information please email paige@msfp.org.au or drop us a DM.


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