Join international researcher in final webinar and field event on optimising plant health

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The SA Plant Sap Analysis group has attracted the expertise of Harriet Mella to an Australia-wide tour. She will complete a 4-part webinar series prior to her visit and you are invited to attend.

Harriet will share her knowledge on how to read what plants are telling us, and offer suggestions to improve plant health in a series of online webinars over the coming weeks and through in-field events in December.

Final webinar Wednesday 8 November 5:30pm – 8:45pm SA time

In-field events on Eyre Peninsula will occur between 4-8 December 2023 with exact times and places to be advised. If you are interested in attending the in-field events, please contact Josh Telfer on 0460 000 290, so we can keep in touch when a program is finalised.

Register for the webinar:

To register your attendance you will need to follow the link below and sign up to the website, this will also allow access to related presentation materials.

Attendance is free and a base understanding of soil microbiology is assumed. Interactive sessions are encouraged so bring your questions.

For any questions, call Michael on: 0427 547 052.

Who should attend:

This series is suitable for those with an interest in how plants access moisture; the importance of capturing dew; the impact of and interaction between different soil characteristics such as the balance of minerals, balance of nutrients, and soil biology; and ways to build soil biology.

Harriet will elaborate on a variety of topics affecting plant health and resilience to pests and diseases including:

  • the impact of soil compaction and excessive nitrogen,
  • strategies to better manage cold conditions and heat stress,
  • the role of Calcium, Sulphur, Selenium, Boron, Silicon, Iron and Magnesium,
  • plant adaptions,
  • the flow of water and nutrients in plants,
  • the benefit from applying nutrients in a form that is more available to plants, and
  • plant traits which help with identifying more resilient plants.


Guest speaker background:

Harriet Mella is an independent researcher from Austria with a background in microbiology, mycology, and biochemistry. She is an excellent communicator and has unique expertise with managing nutrition, mineral balance, and carbon cycling in soils. Harriet utilises profiling of soil and plant characteristics, pests, diseases, and water use to optimise plant growth for ongoing sustainability.

This project, amongst other partners is supported by funding through the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board Grassroots grants program.

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