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The University of Sydney and AFI are undertaking research on measuring human connectivity to soil – i.e. your relationship with soil and the farming practices which impact this.There is currently no way to measure this key indicator of soil security, and this research aims to address this gap by assessing soil connectivity across the breadth of Australia’s agricultural zones.The information we have collected so far is largely from the eastern seaboard and it’s important the research covers the whole country.

In the dark blue areas of the map below we have little to no visibility on ‘soil connectivity’ – in the light blue areas , we are looking for additional information to make sure we have a good sample set.

Make sure your region is represented in this research by completing an anonymous, 15-minute self-evaluation of your soil connectivity, which will also provide you a personalised report on skills and opportunities for improvement.

Complete the self evaluation here

Thanks in advance for contributing your time and insights to this world-leading research project on soil management and security.Katie McRobert, AFI Acting CEO &Prof Alex McBratney, University of Sydney Professor of Digital Agriculture &Soil Science

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