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Livestock SA are seeking feedback of SA sheep producers on their experiences and views of the current OJD program in South Australia, including SheepMAP.

OJD is a chronic, infectious, and incurable wasting disease that commonly occurs in sheep and cattle but can also affect goats, alpacas, and deer.

Johne’s disease in sheep is a notifiable disease in SA, meaning if you suspect OJD is present in sheep or other species, it must be immediately reported to PIRSA Animal Health.

This disease is endemic in South Australia, and there are no movement restrictions in place on infected flocks.

Ensuring this disease is managed in SA in the most effective way possible is important to limit the severe impacts of this disease.

Your views are important to help demonstrate the needs of the SA sheep industry in the management of OJD.

You can provide your feedback through a short online survey here

All responses through this process will be collated and de-identified.

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