Vision 2050 shares EP farming future

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A roadmap to 2050 is set to help shape a strong, sustainable future for the farming industry on Eyre Peninsula.

Consisting of five critical elements, including governance, social, profitability, productivity, and environment, the extensive report is set to shape the challenges and opportunities for future generations.

During August and September, a wide range of farming and agricultural research stakeholders were consulted on their outlook of farming into the future of the region, the basis of the Vision 2050: A shared vision for farming on the EP report.

AIR EP Executive Officer Naomi Scholz says the consultation work, driven and supported by AIR EP, SARDI and the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board, was primarily undertaken to ensure priorities and investments into the region were recognised, consolidated, and planned for.

“Eyre Peninsula plays an important role in the state’s agriculture industry, and we want to ensure this continues well into the future,” Ms Scholz said.

“Long term planning such as this report ensures any research, development and extension priorities support and align with a desirable future for the region and the industry.

“This forward-thinking on potential pathways to success and likely challenges to be navigated, can benefit other groups aiming to collaborate, align and make a positive impact on living and working on the EP for decades ahead.”

The report is the first of its kind for the ag industry on Eyre Peninsula, and will serve as a reference for a variety of local farming organisations.

“Having a report that targets future challenges and opportunities will be extremely useful. The practical ways it can be used could include everything from a reference in grant applications, to climate change research, to infrastructure plans.

“It provides certainty and data when making decisions, particularly those with long term implications.”

The five critical elements to building and sustaining profitable ag and local communities are broken down into fundamentals, including:

Govt policy/regulation Regional community health


Value of farmed products Technology advances & utility Soil health/carbon
Support bodies Social capital Access to markets Data application Biodiversity
R&D investment Succession planning Operating costs Access to labour Climate readiness/adaptability
Balancing community needs Diversity, equity & inclusion Farm business models Crop/input advancements Biosecurity


Social license Energy

System/practice advancements


The report was funded by AIR EP and SARDI, and developed in partnership with the EP Landscape Board.

The next step is to form a working group to develop action plans for delivery, defining who needs to do what, how and when.

For more information and to read the report, visit the AIR EP website.

EP Ag Vision 2050: A shared Vision for farming on the Eyre Peninsula in 2050

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